Looking back at the past we see that a time existed when all existence was divided into species and each species behaving according to their characteristics and each action was the outcome of animal instincts. Non-life merely existed, in different forms, but the properties of a substance being common to the whole species.

After that on a slightly intelligent level was plant life which merely lived in separate forms and all of them had the same properties of their respective species. Slight differences in their properties occurred due to the kind of soil they grew in and the kind of environment and atmosphere they existed in.

After that came a more intelligent animal life, of which man was once a part before he acquired the faculty of reasoning. This animal life also had the power of speech and movement on its own will but it did not have the capacity of reasoning. Its actions were willed by its instincts and animal spirit. The animal life existed as a species but also as individuals in a greater degree than plants.

The Homo Sapiens, the present day man, exists mostly as an individual and partly as a species. The individualism can be seen in the way men react differently to the same things. The same situation can have different temporary or permanent effects on their minds. But the similarity can be seen in the way masses can follow the same base instincts or the same religious beliefs, take out the same meanings from religious or mythological texts etc.

But the greatest similarity lies in the experience of those men who form an opinion about something or have very personal beliefs about some thing and later find out while reading a book or a text that the author has written exactly what they feel or think about that topic. Would this be possible if man did not exist as a species? Doesn’t it arise the question that no matter how different one man seems to be from another, somewhere inside their minds, their hearts they are thinking alike or responding alike when faced with similar situations. That the working of the human mind is a property common to everyone in this species to a lesser or greater degree.

This brings to surface the present day world problems. As we have seen that evolution has till now led to the process of intellect in life forms and an increase in individuality in the species possessing the highest intellect.

The present human being has diversity in unity. Diversity in his reactions and thinking, and unity in still possessing the basic needs of food and shelter common to entire mankind as a species.

But this diversity in unity is the cause of all the current problems. Conservative and narrow minded followers of one faith or religion constantly fight with the conservative followers of another faith. All the talks about fraternity, morality and humanity have not as yet been able to stop them from shedding blood, their own and others’.

This is there because all people unconsciously become connected to other persons who agree with their beliefs and feel an opposition towards those whose beliefs are different from their own. And the feeling to live as a unity gives rise to the ambition of spreading their beliefs while simultaneously trying to crush all other beliefs. This gives rise to animosity and distrust towards all people of different faiths and if an unfortunate act by a person of a different faith harms a person of their own faith, even if this act had nothing to do with differing faiths, they use this opportunity to lash out against the people of the other faith, irrespective of the fact that those people had no connection to the initial incident whatsoever.

This makes me think that trying to achieve unity, happiness and peace in such a diversity is a utopian concept and an unachievable task.

But if we follow the evolution trail of nature and see ourselves as somewhere in the middle of the evolution ladder instead of at the top, I believe there will be a future when hopefully mankind will evolve beyond the differences in races, colours, genders, faiths and beliefs to a point where each human is completely individualistic in his mental and emotional faculty, not swayed by any other individual’s ideas, faith or beliefs.

If everyone is different then there is no danger of diverse groups uniting against each other. There would not be any ideological or faith based disputes since the need to create a group unity would not be there. Everyone’s faith and philosophy would would uniquely be their own. And the reasoning, the thought process would have evolved them to a point where the insecurities that make us seek out similar mindsets to feel safe in a herd instead of standing alone would have ceased to afflict us.

The biggest question when I look at the world around me today is –
Will mankind even survive to reach that stage of evolution?

Dialogues with myself

The above thoughts, or 'Dialogues with Myself', were a big part of my adolescent years, where not content with the way society and religion spoke about God and many other things and expected us kids to accept everything without questioning, since they knew better, I tried to debate against their beliefs using my own beliefs reached at by my logical understanding on the subject.

I was unwilling to accept their answers at face value and thus many questions arose in my heart, my mind, my soul for which I sought for the answers within. This gave rise to further questions that seemingly were posed by my own conditioning, the value system given by my family, related and unrelated elders, my education and the society, and I tried to find answers to these as well.

There will be more such posts of 'Dialogues with Myself' where I am questioning the existing norms and wisdoms of the society. Some of my thoughts and answers I reached back then in my high school and early college days are still relevant to me, some I have outgrown and yet some others I have built upon later as my thoughts and understanding matured and life experiences taught me more about others and myself.