Once I had decided that the Mind differentiates between Good and Bad, a question that I repeatedly asked myself was ‘What is Good and what is Bad? Who decides it?’

Is there a way in which universal good or universal bad can be established?

Ethics tries to do so but some people don’t agree with universal ethics. After all what is good for one may not be good for another and may be downright bad for someone else. The things which are considered good and bad in the society have changed over time and even differ for different societies. What was good or bad at one point of time in history is not good or bad anymore. And what was good or bad for one society in one continent was not judged the same by another society in another continent.

Till there is Ego, individual consciousness between these cultures, between men, these differences in thoughts, beliefs, ideals and morality will be there. Though there may be harmony between the manifested souls (humankind) and the unmanifested soul (the shoonya, the absolute), there is a lack of harmony in the manifested souls with each other because they are more aware of their differences than their connection with each other.

Their concept of morality being different sets them apart from other human beings; makes each person a unique being, proud of this uniqueness, this individuality. Till there is ego, this pride in being different, conflict will be there. The only remedy is to reach a state of mind where this difference in identities, beliefs and thoughts does not matter.

The spiritual seeker believes in the universal values of good, the universal truth, wants only universal happiness and spiritual satisfaction for everyone and it is immaterial to him whether others believe in his faith, his ideals, his morality or not, as long as they also have the same goal of universal happiness. To him the destination is more important the various paths that lead to it.

The spiritual seeker is aware of of this lack of harmony between the manifested souls and knows that this will remain till mankind exists. So he just lets others be aware of the path he has chosen to reach his goal. Those who are willing to take the same path are welcome to do so and those who choose a different path towards the same goal are also welcome. He hopes that those who chose paths that do not lead to this goal will do so in one of their future lifetimes. And he can but wait patiently till they do.